Industrial Plastics offer HDPE tubing solutions for a variety of different piping systems. We offer this popular product because it is an effective and long-lasting solution for our customers.

What is HDPE?

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is tough, flexible light synethic resin. It is made from the polymerization of ethylene, which produces a dense, highly crystalline material of high strength and moderate stiffness. Since it is also very malleable, it is used for multiple applications, including the fabrication of consumer products such as reusable drinking bottles or children’s toys. In fact, many toys are made from other HDPE plastic products, which can also be recycled into rope or bins.

HDPE Tubing

Why choose HDPE Tubing?

From mining to water treatment plants, numerous industries rely on HDPE tubing. The reason is simple: HDPE offers unmatched performance in crucial aspects.

  • It is highly resistant to impact, chemicals, rust, rotting, insects, mold and mildew.
  • It is lightweight without compromising on durability. In fact, it outlasts most traditional materials like PVC or acrylic.
  • It can withstand a broad range of weather conditions, especially in extreme lows.
  • It is easily recyclable and eco-friendly.

Put simply, HDPE is a great material for piping systems. HDPE tubing can safely transport fluids (such as potable water and wastewater) and gas, with minimal risk of leakage or leaching. Apart from being cost-effective thanks to its extensive lifespan and expedite installation, this thermoplastic is one of the best materials for resisting high pressure. 

HDPE Tubing

At Industrial Plastics, we use the most advanced technology in the fabrication of HDPE tubing. All pipework is rigorously tested using various methods, including pressure testing, spark testing and hydro testing to guarantee the highest quality and capabilities.

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