Here are some beautiful custom plastic machine guards for a customer of ours in the mining industry.

custom plastic machine guards

These guards were fabricated using 6mm and 10mm yellow HDPE sheet.

Since the guards were very large, as you can see in the photo, so we had to fabricate them rather than using another process like thermoforming.

You can see from the pics that these custom plastic machine guards were designed to be disassembled and reassembled around the machine for easy installation and maintenance.

Machine guards are one of our specialties and we can fabricate almost any design for almost any industrial machinery or process –whether it is a replacement of a hard-to-get spare or an entirely new design.

custom plastic machine guards

Why Use Machine Guards?

Machine guards operate as a physical barrier between employees and machine components, limiting direct contact and lowering the chance of injuries such as amputations, crushes, or entanglements.

Guards are designed to reduce exposure to moving parts, sharp edges, rotating machinery, or flying debris. They reduce the chance of accidents and injuries by preventing unintentional contact with dangerous elements.

Regulation Compliance: Many jurisdictions have specific safety regulations and standards requiring the use of machine guards in industrial settings. Companies can ensure compliance by utilising guards, avoiding penalties, legal challenges, and reputational damage.

Productivity can be increased by properly built machine guards by providing a safe working environment. Workers may operate machinery with confidence, knowing that their safety is guaranteed, which can lead to increased efficiency and less downtime due to accidents or injuries.

Machine guards aid in the identification and elimination of potential dangers during the design and installation processes. Companies can lower the overall risk associated with machine operation by completing risk assessments and employing suitable guards, resulting in a safer work environment.

Employee Morale: Providing a safe workplace shows a commitment to employee well-being, which leads to higher job satisfaction and morale. When employees know their employer prioritises their safety, they feel appreciated and are more likely to be engaged and motivated.

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