Industrial Plastics offers a range of customisable insulated tanks for many industries and applications. The general principle of insulated water tanks is to prevent outside heat from passing into the water stored inside. Industrial Plastics achieved this by using 50mm insulation Foam on the whole body of the tank (top, bottom, cylinder) which is then covered by black HDPE cladding. Within this specific instance, the tank was customised with specially designed bolt-down feet with steel plates so it could be installed on a platform. This example demonstrates the customizability of our tanks for use in commercial, residential, and industrial applications. 

insulated water tank

Why Use An Insulated Water Tank?

Whilst traditional custom water tanks are great at storing water for a variety of applications there is one big downfall with respect to insulated water tanks. That is the insulated aspect. Not only do insulated water tanks have specific uses but they also save money in the long run for customers. As mentioned above, the use of insulation foam ensures the water inside is less affected by the harsh climate outside, whether that be its freezing temperatures or very high heat. Therefore, nothing undesired happens like cold water flowing through the taps or no water because it is frozen. 

insulated water tank

Insulated Water Tank Benefits

As suggested above, there is a range of benefits associated with the use of an insulated water tank. Some of which include: 

  • Long-term cost saving
    • The cost is less than the ongoing loss of contaminated water, call-out fees for frozen water etc. 
    • Adhering to industry regulations and standards
      • Certain regulations to keep water running at specific temperatures to avoid bacteria. 
      • Protection from the harsh climate outside 
        • Hot or cold temperature
      • Environmental benefits
        • Use of less energy to reheat/cool the tank water


      For the cylindrical tank referred to in this article its description was as follows: 

      • Holding volume: 5000L
      • Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Black, UV Stabilised, PE 100
      • Medium: Chilled Water 2 deg C
      • Size: 2130mm ID x 1483mm High
      • Roof: 12mm conical, 15 degree
      • Base: 10mm
      • Wall thickness: 10mm
      • Insulation: Insulated Foam Black on Full body (Roof+Base+wall)
      • Cladding: Black HDPE for full body

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