Industrial Plastics has the capability to produce Fabricated Polycarbonate for the Food Industry. These custom fabricated polycarbonate vacuum shrouds were designed to assist with the removal of dust and debris from an area next to a laser scanner in a bottling plant. Industrial Plastics can custom design shrouds, machine guarding, display covers and many other products specifically for the manufacturing industry Australia wide.

Fabricated Polycarbonate for Food Industry

What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a clear thermoplastic material with high strength, impact resistance, and clarity. Safety eyewear, electronic display screens, bulletproof windows, and glasshouse panels are some of the applications that utilise it.

Other Fabricated Polycarbonate Applications

Because of its great impact resistance and visual clarity, polycarbonate is used to make safety goggles, face shields, and helmets.

Electronics: Because of its transparency, lightweight nature, and shatter resistance, it is utilised for electronic display screens such as LCD screens, touch panels, and LED signage.

Because of its strength, UV resistance, and weatherability, polycarbonate is utilised in construction for goods such as skylights, roofing sheets, wall panels, and safety windows.

Because of its durability, heat resistance, and impact resistance, it is utilised in automotive headlights, taillights, interior panels, and windscreens.

Packaging: Polycarbonate is used in packaging applications like reusable water bottles, food storage containers, and CD/DVD cases due to its durability and clarity.

Polycarbonate sheets are utilised in glasshouse construction because they allow for excellent light transmission, provide insulation, and are long-lasting.

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