With Custom Chemical Storage Tanks, Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – By “cheap”, we don’t necessarily mean price, but what we do mean is the workmanship.

We were recently contacted by a respected customer that needed to replace a 39,000ltr High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Urea custom chemical storage tank.

The current onsite tank manufactured by another company had proven initially fit for purpose but quickly deteriorated with the tank joints starting to show signs of cracks and leakage.

Inferior chemical tank

Image shows the existing on-site leaking tank that needs to be replaced

Upon further investigations and review, it had been determined that the construction of the existing body was completed by means of extrusion welds.

Extrusion welds are weaker than butt welds and while they are required in some applications, they are not recommended for joining sheets –which is what has been done with this tank that is now leaking.

Poor welding on chemical storage tanks

Extrusion weld on tank cylinder

At Industrial Plastics, our tanks are designed and fabricated with safety and potential damage to the environment foremost in our minds, and this is conveyed in our in house design and construction methods.

We utilise the latest European design technology which incorporates International Standard DVS 2205 for static non-pressurised tanks.

With our 4 metre butt welding machine is one of the largest in Australia and we are able to make cylinders up to a diameter 5 metres. This coupled with our unique band jointing systems means the correct product for the desired application.

Butt welding HDPE plastics results in a join that is as strong as the surrounding materials and far, far stronger than an extrusion weld.

Making Chemical Storage Tanks

Tank cylinder butting

Butt Welding Chemical Storage Tanks

Tank cylinder butting

Having the ability to be involved with our customers from concept through to fabrication means our technical sales engineers are able to assist with design and calculations prior to anything like this happening before it’s too late.

Custom Chemical Storage Tanks


Custom Chemical Storage Tanks


To find out more about how Industrial Plastics can assist with your custom chemical storage tanks project, please contact our technical sales team via email [email protected] or telephone 1300 465 888

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