Over time Industrial Plastics have become experts in plastic fabrication, which includes offering Black HDPE. Whilst it offers many similarities to ‘regular’ HDPE plastic, black High-Density Polyethylene is stabilised against ultraviolet light by the addition of 3-5% carbon black to the clear polyethylene. This process increases the material’s resistance to both high impact and corrosion (in both temperature extremes). Black HDPE is widely used in commercial and industrial industries such as the mining, agriculture, marine and food industries. 

Black HDPE

Why use Black HDPE? 

The main application is preventing ultraviolet rays from passing through which would damage the polyethylene molecular chain. Because the High-Density Polyethylene is black, the material is stabilised against ultraviolet light, meaning whatever is inside is protected from the rays.

For example, when piping systems are used above ground and exposed, Black High-Density Polyethylene must be used to prevent the breeding of bacteria. Conversely, when the system is below ground ‘regular’ HDPE plastic can be used.  


As mentioned above, Black High-Density Polyethylene is used in a variety of commercial and industrial industries. Some applications within these industries include: 

  • Chemical tanks
  • Above ground piping 
  • Cutting boards 
  • Playground equipment
  • Water pipe flanges
  • Pile guards

Black HDPE

Black HDPE Benefits

There are several benefits to using Black High-Density Polyethylene over alternatives, including the chemical and corrosion resistance. Other benefits are: 

  • Easy to machine
  • Lightweight
  • Long-term durability 
  • Resistance to acid, odour, mildew, and moisture 
  • High strength and rigidity 
  • Chemical resistance to acids, alcohols, and bases 
  • Thermoformable 

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