Custom fabrication is one of Industrial Plastics’ specialities, and when presented with nothing but this used and signed V8 Supercar rim, it was up to the team to design a piece of acrylic furniture around it. Our customer came to us with this memory of his time at the V8 Races, and asked us to help him show it off.

Acrylic Furniture

One of our commercial fabricators, Charles, took this project on, and decided that the best design would be a coffee table from clear acrylic. This would make the rim the centrepiece of any room it is in, and the clear acrylic wouldn’t hide any of its details. Being covered in drivers’ signatures, and a layer of break dust from it’s race, optimal visibility was important.

Acrylic Furniture Acrylic Furniture

Having decided to leave it in its authentic, post race from, Charles left the break dust, and designed and fabricated a beautiful clear acrylic coffee table. The table has the capacity to be disassembled for ease of transport, or to even swap the centrepiece out. Bull-nosed edges and a diamond polish gave the table a beautiful finish, making it the perfect addition to any man cave!

Custom Acrylic Furniture - Coffee Table

With this rise in popularity of acrylic furniture, and the lack of readily available pieces in Australia, Industrial Plastics can custom design and fabricate furniture to suit your needs, be it for home of business. Acrylic is not only a beautiful material, but also a practical one. When compared to glass, acrylic is less expensive, lighter, and less likely to break or shatter.

If you would like to know more about our custom acrylic furniture or enquire about some for yourself or a project, please contact us. We work with you to design and fabricate exactly what you need to make your space at home or work just that little bit more beautiful.

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