Industrial Plastics has a rich history in providing acrylic fabrication solutions and equipment to the special emergency services. For many years we have built training models for the fire emergency services.

Industrial Plastics often works with the Queensland Fire Service in helping to develop and improve these training models. The models provide a scaled simulation of the flow of smoke within buildings. This information is invaluable in providing a real world situation for the best safety practices.

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As you can see from the photos they are intricate models carefully constructed to a high level of detail. The model buildings feature individual rooms, staircases, sliding windows, sliding doors and garages.

These training models are fabricated from clear acrylic which provides a range of advantages. Acrylic has great optical clarity and is a versatile material to fabricate with. Acrylic can be glued, heat folded and easily machined; each one of these fabrication methods where used in the construction of these training models.

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