Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a strong, opaque thermoplastic. It is considered a polymer because it is made up of three chemical compounds called monomers: acrylonitrile, which makes it resistant, butadiene, which makes it strong and sturdy, and styrene, contributing to its rigidity and processability. 

ABS Plastics Explained

What is ABS biggest advantage? 

Industrial Plastics offers a wide range of materials to broaden the possible applications. ABS can meet similar structural requirements as standard resins such as PVC or engineering resins like acrylic. The main benefit of ABS may be its cost effectiveness, especially in large scale projects. But this material, widely used in many consumer goods including Lego toys and computer keyboards, has several other advantages: 

  • Long lifespan
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Withstands very low temperatures
  • High shock and impact resistance
  • Insulating properties
  • Mechanically strong and stable

If you are wondering what is ABS used for, look around. Many industries are familiar with the qualities of ABS, popular in residential and commercial drainage, waste and vent applications (particularly in underground settings), musical instruments, electronic equipment, auto parts, helmets, golf clubs, and more. 

ABS Plastics Explained

What are the disadvantages of ABS? 

Perhaps, what is ABS’ most questionable characteristic is that it contains BPA. While this chemical is considered harmful to humans at certain levels, this is the case when exposed to food or beverages with BPA that leached from their container. This is especially likely to happen when the plastic is heated or scratched. But there are various methods to increase its heat resistance, and this is not truly a risk in ABS plastics’ most common uses. Another criticism is that ABS plastics are not the most sustainable in terms of fabrication, but their extensive durability counterbalances this feature. 

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